Life Is Good Guys!

This enterprising young man had a brilliant idea. What follows is HIS story:

“I share a house on campus with 4 other people… I ordered this small waterproof camera off the internet and installed it in our shower so I could spy on my cute roommate!
(Or at least get a glimpse of some boobies!”

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Girl Spied On In Change Room

According to the story where I nipped this pic, this guys’ friend works at a clothing store in the local mall, and after agreeing to set up one of his buddie’s cameras in the change room–some seriously good good footage of this hottie was to be had…check out those big round titties!

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After Hours Office Fuck

security camera sex
This security camera sex tape had me thinking about a change of occupation. Imagine getting to watch firsthand while this lawyer babe puts it all out for her after hours client. I couldn’t believe she didn’t know about the camera, but apparently–and thankfully–she was to horny to worry about it. Well, whatever this fellow’s crime, he’s sure getting his rewards!

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Hot Chick Sitting Naked In Her Bedroom

hidden spy cam
The sun was bright and hot at the cabin, and the temperature soon got a little too high for this babe, who decided to strip it all off and sit around in the buff. Happily, her boyfriend had installed a hidden spy cam so we could all enjoy the weekend. And enjoy it I did!

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Brand New Bathroom Spy Cam Videos

Like the dog that I am, I snuck up alongside this chicks house and caught her just as she was coming out of the shower. I got a great view of her changing, and then I watched her paint her toenails. Sexy!

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Warehouse Workers Fucking On The Job

hidden cam
I guess it gets a little boring in shipping and receiving sometimes, and I can understand these warehouse workers wanting to put out more than the next shipment. I can certainly relate to the guy wanting to offload. How lucky for us that they decided to do it in front of the hidden cam so we all could watch!

These Guys Have Camera EVERYWHERE!
No Camera Motion–No Set-Ups!

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